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Monoblock Pump
>> Monoblock Pump
Monoblock Pump

Monoblock Pumpsets:-

Materials of Construction :

Standard Materials of Construction Comprises,

Volute Casing         :  Cast Iron GR. FG 200 As Per

Impeller                   :  - do -

Motor Frame           :  - do -

Shaft                          : Carbon Steel C-40 of IS -2073 (EN-8) Grade.

Pump With, All Gun Metal/Bronze/S.S. Construction Can Be Supplied Against Specific Requirement.

Monoblock Pumps

  • Ideal For General Irrigation and Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
  • Extremely Useful for industrial Applications Such as, Heating, Circulating, Water Boosting, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Etc.
  • Suitable For Water Supply Schmes For, Multistory Buildings, Hotels, Commercial Complexes Etc.
  • Useful For Clean as Wall as Slightly Contaminated Corrosive Liquids.


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