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Self Priming Multistage Boiler Feed Pump
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Stainless Steel Centrifugal pump
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>> Hydraulic Test Pumps
Monoblock Pump

Applications for Hydraulic Testing of

  • Boilers
  • Pressure Vessels
  • C.I.Mains
  • Castings
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Parts Subjected to Hydraulic Pressure Standard Accessories
  • M.S. Fabricated Pail
  • Brass Foot Valve
  • G.M./S.S. Check Valve
  • Brass Pressure Release Cock
  • Pressure Hose With Attachments
  • Pressure Gauge For Testing Up tp 705 kg. /cm (10.000 P.S.I.)
Pump No.  Kg./Cm2  Cap      Motor

CE-20 A      70        150      0.75/1/1440
CE-20 B      140      150      1.5/2/1440
CE-20 C      211      110      2.2/3/1440
CE-20 D      350      110      3.7/5/1440
CE-20 E      500      90      3.7/5/1440
CE-20 F      700      90       3.7/5/1440
Monoblock Pump
Totally Enclosed Drive Mechanism, Heavy Duty Precision Gearbox, Self Oiling System Quick Acting Relief Valve, Large Air Chamber

CRANKCASE:- Made of close grain cast iron body with top Inspection Cover which makes the entire crank
mechanism easily accessible for maintanence inspection and spares replacement. Heavy duty (Bull -
Dozer Type) Construction Provides Practically vibration free operation bringing long trouble free performance.

GERING:- Heavy duty hob cut gears with eccentric, running on EN-8 shaft built in reduction gear drive with
M.S.pinion and shaft.

BEARINGS:- The drive shaft is supported by Ball Bearings.

LUBRICATION:- Splash lubrication is maintained by gears splashing up oil from sump.

PLUNGER:- Harden & ground plunger offers corrosion & abrasion resistance and permits long life.

VALVE BODY:- Heavy duty M.S. body with G.M. working parts is specially designed for high pressure working.
The passages allows branching and merging of suction and discharge flows with minimum losses.

N.R. VALVES:- SS or GM Valves. Valve seats, and springs are practically free from corrosion and can without

CYLINDER:- M.S. Fabricated for Heavy duty service.

SEALS:- Synthetic rubber seals are used fir leakproof and long working life.


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