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Chemical Process Pumps :- ("PCF " Series)

Design Features:

PCF- Series Centrifugal Chemical Process Pump are Horizontal, Single-stage, Volute casing pumps with dimensions and nominal ratings to CWE. Series The design permits dismantling of the complete bearing unit towards the drive end, without the pump casing having to be disconnected from the piping. If a spacer coupling is used it is also unnecessary to disconnect the motor.

The range comprises 32 pump sizes: with the max. Interchangeability utilized, these are covered with only four shaft sizes. For a given shaft size, shaft seal, impeller nut and  bearings are interchangeable.


Seal Arrangement:-

Either soft Packed gland or mechanical Seal can be used as per liquid to be handled.

Simple change over from packing to mechanical seal is possible with the air of standardized conversion parts without re-machining. Mechanical seals of various makes, unbalaced as well as balanced ones can be easily fitted in the standard stundard stuffing box.


The wide range of application includes, Chemical, Textile-jet dyeing, Cold- hot Water System, marine installation, petrochemical, fertilizer plant, Sugar mills, paper mills and other process industries.

-: Design Details :-
Standards designed to conform :                                                                              DIN 24256
ISO 2858
API 610 (in general)
Flanges As per DIN 2533, DIN 2543
ASA 125 ib FF, ASA 150 RF
BS 10 : 1962 Table E
Applications To handle hydrocarbons, valatile liquids, thermic, corrosice chemicals in petrochemical, fertilizer, sugar, paper and other process ind.
Operating Range n=1450 rpm :

N=2900 rpm :

Q up to 250m3/hr
H up to 60m
Q up to 380m3/hr
H up to 150 m

Working Pressure Grey Cast Iron :
S.G. Iron, Cast Steel & Alloy Cast Steel :
16 kg/cm2 max.
20 kg/cm2 max.
Temperature Grey Cast Iron :
S.G.Iron, Cast Steel :
Alloy Cast Steel :
from-30 to + 200°C
from-40 to + 300 °C
from-120 to + 300 °C
Materials of

Standard design                                

Special design
Grey Cast Iron
Cast steel
Stainless Steel SS-316
Ni Hard Cast Iron, Hastelloy
Alloy 20


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